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SW-D1-10 smart module

Model number: SW-D1-10

This switch is designed to control a single or double light, with a dimming module of 0-10 or 1-10.
The dimmer module 1-10 enables precise control of the light, through the DC control voltage output provided by the smart switch. When at 10 volts the light will be at full brightness. At 1 volt the light fixture will dim at the lowest brightness. When the switch is set to 0% (by pressing manually or in the app) the switch will turn off the power to the light. (see installation instructions below).
The switch controls up to 2 lights, each of them can be set as a dimmer 1-10, or normal a light, a two way switch, scenario switch and more.
The switch has a current sensor which protects the switch from overload. It also measures the current consumption of the, thus preserving and extending the life of the lamps.

Technical Information

Power supply
100-240V | 50-60 Hz
Load range
Transmission frequency
MHz 433.5-434.5
Transmission range
Up to 100M
Dimmer 1-10 (0-10), on/off, two way switch, scenario switch, timed switch.
Background lighting
Shade of color and brightness can be set in the application
Current sensor
Protections and safety
Triple protection: //1 thermal fuse for overheating. //2 current sensor protection. //3 fuse protection 5A
Length 44 mm, height 44 mm, depth 30 mm
Adapted to a variety of decorative panels

Installation instructions

Additional advanced functions

This will disable the physical switch, however the switch will still operate from the application. It is also possible to create a scenario that can lock a group of switches. You are also able to create a timer that will operate the lock scenario.

This will turn on background lighting in the switch when your hand nears the panel.

This allows you to set the sensitivity of the touch sensor.

By clicking this button in the application you can see the following data:

  • RSSI-EU // Signal strength from the central unit to the switch. Signal over 100 is excellent reception. Signal 80-100 ok. Lower than 80 is bad.
  • RSSI-AP // Signal strength from the switch to the central unit. Signal over 100 is excellent reception. Signal 80-100 ok. Lower than 80 is bad.
  • CURRENT // The current passing through the switch. Measured by the current sensor.
  • VERSION // Software version of the switch.

Use one switch to control two separate scenarios.

Change the length of time needed to touch the switch until it operates. Useful when you want to prevent accidental touches from triggering the switch. For example, a delayed press on a scenario to turn off multiple switches.

Change the on/off display colour
of the switch


Multifunctional configuration - One module fits All
Set - Backlight Color and intensity
Set - Proximity sense
Set - Touch Sensitivity
Set - Response time
Set - Lock
Standard switch= On/Off

Simple turn 'on or off' of lighting
or electrical appliance

Scenario Switch

The ability to group multiple smart
devices and control them together

Dimmer Switch

The ability to dim a dimmable light

Two Way Switch

The ability to set up a two way
switch (more than one per light)
without wiring

Timed Switch

The ability to set activation
time (From 1 second to 7 hours)

Shutter / Curtain / Louvers

The ability to set the opening percentage
of the shutter and the louvers

Tutorial Videos

Add regular switch Play Video
Add regular switch
Add dimmable switch Play Video
Add dimmable switch
Add two way switch Play Video
Add two way switch
Add timed switch Play Video
Add timed switch
Add regular scenario switch Play Video
Add regular scenario switch
Add group scenario switch Play Video
Add group scenario switch

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