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Smart Home Systems

SwitchBee is an innovative advanced and comprehensive smart home system that is quick and easy to install.
SwitchBee’s Smart Home Solution offers a solution for lights, shutters, A/C’s, VRF systems, irrigation, presence sensors, smoke detectors and more. Control of the smart home is done through a simple and user friendly App. It enables automation through timers, sensors, as well as unique customizable scenarios. Use our decorative touch smart switches that replace the old outdated switches imrpoving the appearance of your home. Using patent protected innovative technology, our system can be installed quickly, without the need to rewire your house using basic tools.
Upgrade your home in a matter of hours!

Wirelessly Brilliant

Wirelessly Brilliant.

Our patented technology.

Using our patented technology it is possible to replace all types of household switches with our smart switches. The smart switches do not require rewiring, adding a neutral line or batteries. By using our smart switches you can turn a regular house into a smart home in a matter of hours.

The smart home system
Switchbee is a comprehensive platform that includes a secure central unit (hub), end devices (switches, sockets, sensors, A/C controllers, ect.) and an App that controls it all through a secure server. Any switch in your home, whether is a new or old home can be swapped for a switchbee smart switch. Installing a switch is both simple and fast, and can be done with basic tools that you may have in your home. The switches connect to the Central unit which is connected to your home internet. The App connects to the central unit and through it the switches, via the home WiFi or via you phone’s internet (LTE/4G).
In the rare event of both internet or the Central Unit goes down, all the switches in the house will continue to work as manual touch switches.

Controlling the smart home
With SwitchBee’s smart system, you can control the entire electrical network in your house: lights, blinds, sockets, dimmers, A/C systems, irrigation and more, all can be controlled by our App. And you can automate your house using sensors and scenarios for comfort, energy saving and energy efficiency.

  • Lights – all light switches can be made smart, even dimmer switches.
  • Electric shutters and curtains – the smart shutter switches allow you to remotely open and close the shutter and even set the open/close percentages. It is also possible to control louvered shutters.
  • Sockets – SwitchBee’s smart sockets allow you to disconnect or connect the power to Electrical devices. They also allow you to control any IR controlled device (A/Cs, televisions and supporting fans).
  • Air conditioning – Our smart home system has a variety of solutions for A/C systems, whether it is a wall mounted A/C, central A/C, VRF A/C systems, or fan coil. Our solutions enable remote control, timers, scenarios, and will save you energy.
  • Notifications – You can set up a variety of notifications for specific users through the App. For example, if someone enters the house between 8:00-16:00 send a preset message to a specific user.
  • Energy saving – it is easy to set timers to turn off devices that are not in use. For example it is also possible to set presence sensors that if they have not detected anything for about fifteen minutes, then turn off the A/C and lights.
  • Connection to voice assistants – SwitchBee smart home system can connect to voice assistants from ALEXA, Google Home, and Apple Home-Kit. Using these voice assistants, it is possible to use voice activated commands to control the smart switches and scenarios.
  • Connecting to third-party systems – SwitchBee allows developers to connect to the Central Unit via an API, allowing innovative and original Apps to include the diverse capabilities of the SwitchBee smart home.
  • Interfacing with advanced systems – the SwitchBee system can be connected to Control4 as well as Home-Assistant, these are popular systems from around the world that a variety of other products connect to.


for more information about the benefits of SwitchBee, we are inviting you to read our Magazine.


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