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About us

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Who we are

SwitchBee is an innovation company making smart homes more accessible and affordable to any household environment. Its unique solutions are patented technology, leading the smart home growing demand.

The concept of  smart homes is not  new, nonetheless, why isn’t it more common? Specifically  in the age of smart cities, the internet of things, big data and inter connectivity – a  smart homes should be much more accessible?

After months of research, the SwitchBee’s team realized the main barriers for consumers: high cost, and installation time – two critical factors creating a wall between technology and people.

To  overcome these constraints, our opened minded engineers developed a unique solution. The patent protected technology can  be embedded quickly, and simply directly into any light switch or plug socket.

  • Convert any light switch into a smart-switch, in less than two minutes.
  • Turn a typical home into a smart home in less than 90 minutes.
  • Avoid messy rewiring – make your changes with just a screwdriver.

SwitchBee’s innovation goes beyond simply lights and switches. You can now control your entire home remotely through our secure app dashboard.

Want to be smart?