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Time to upgrade; Tips for smart & effective renovation

Simplify you life, smarten your home. Welcome to the 21 century where nearly everything is smart. Our phones, our cars, even some fridges so why not our homes? Here at SwitchBee we belive in simple and smart. Here are some tips and recommendations to note:

Price proposals – it is important to have as many details included on the price offer. What it entails, how much does each section cost. If you decide not to make a specific change, the price change will be clear.

Market survey – it is recommended to always find a number of professional, in order to ensure the price offer is honest and relevant. Arrive at meetings with the proposals in hand, and show the next professional your homework. It will assist in getting a fair price.

Savings – this is YOUR opportunity to save in the long run. Today, there are smart home accessories that enable substantial upgrading opportunity, which can be used to cut down on monthly costs. In addition, they are environmentally friendly – like the SMART HOME solution.  During the renovation, it’s even simpler to install a smart home solution, to help monitor the electrical usage, turn on-and-off the electric appliances via your smart phone, and enable you to cut on excessive electrical usage. This is exactly how you save electricity and energy. The SwitchBee Smart Home solution also eliminates the need for wiring, as it is a patent protected wireless system that doesn’t require any electrical infrastructure change. Just Smart.

A Featured Wall – if you have already decided to renovation, you can also give your home some character without increasing costs by much. It is really about emphasizing. For example, the TV wall can be in a different color or structure. Use the Sahara pain effect, glue special stones…and more.

Insulation – another way to financial saving, while blocking external noise is the addition of insulation material. The material can be added to roofs and walls during the renovation, therefore lowering the overheating in the summer or cold winter effects.

A true professional – money savings is vital, but so is your long term investment. It is always recommended to hire a professional with experience, who comes recommended. Ask for references, and contact them to ask questions. See what they have gone through, and what could have been avoided. A good service is always worth paying for!

Budget – Set your budget ahead. It will greatly contribute to the process, and provide a good indication into what you can and cannot renovate. These decisions will accompany throughout the work. A budget will help you follow expenses and not overspend.

REMEMBER, it is not important if the renovation in plan is big or small – if you stick to these rules, you will be able to derive at the best results, save money and protect the environment. Don’t forget to choose the “greener” options, the ones that save energy.

Welcome to the future.

Want to be smart?