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Customer testimonial Tom Ridley

How do you hear of us?

Through the website. I was searching the interenet “smart home” and this was one of the first options to appear. I saw the video on the website, and was really impressed. At the time, I was just renovating my house, and wanted this type of gaget. I already speant so much money on the renovation, and the price for a smart home wasn’t crazy.

How long did it take to install the entire system?

The installation was very fast. The service person was really nice and did a great job.

Where was the system installed?

It is installed for the Air Conditioner, the water heater, windows and lightings

Why did you want a smart home?

There were 2 things I really wanted. First, it was really important for me to have a timer for the water heater. I am not so great with the various clocks or other solutions, and I wanted to turn it on while driving home. I wanted complete control. The second is the Air Conditioner. While on my way back, I want to arrive to a cool home in the summer.

How is the company’s service?

The customer service is very helpful. Its been a long time since I came across such a great service. They always answer and are very helpful. I had a problem, and they took care of it so quickly, while updating me on the status – even after the purchase. Even before I purchased it, everyone was very service oriented.

As someone with the system already installed, what are the benefits?

The benefits are that I can control all appliances through the system – it is so convenient not to have to get up from the couch.

Want to be smart?