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Customer Testimonial -Nimrod

How did you hear of SwitchBee?

I searched online, looking at that time to install a smart home solution, and found SwitchBee

What was your need in a smart home?

I think the choice to turn my home into a smart one was 30% due to its “coolness” and 70% because we were in the middle of renovating. The electrical plans didn’t suit us, and we thought a smart home solution would help – and it sure did.

When was the SwitchBee solution installed in your home?

About a month and a half ago – and we are extremely happy with it

Now that you have experience the system, what are, in your opinion, the benefits?

For us, a smart house was to successfully install new switches in the house – specifically to turn on and off the lights from our bed. The old Switch was far away, and it was really inconvenient. So for me, the real benefit is the comfort level.

Where in your house is the system installed?

We chose every option there was available: Water heater, electric curtains, shutters, switches and dimmers.

In which situation is the system of most help to you?

At night, during “night mode” when we turn all the entire electrical shutters all at once. In addition, we’ve got dogs and we automatically turn on the lights to the dogs in the evening, so that helpful – we can turn it on at around 7 PM remotely

How is the service by the SwitchBee team?

Perfect. I am very happy!

Want to be smart?