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SW-RS radar sensor

Model number: RS-SW

This smart presence and motion sensor is designed to detect motion or presence within a range of up to 6 meters. The sensor will detect the presence of a person even when they are asleep and motionless. Using the IFTTT scenarios that exist in SwitchBee’s App, the sensor enables energy savings in an easy and comfortable way. For example, when there is no presence in the room for 15 minutes, the scenario will turn off the lights, air conditioning, and the TV in the room. It is also possible to set scenarios that depend on several sensors, for example, if 3 sensors in the office don’t detect presence for 20 minutes then perform a shut down scenario of all switches in the office and send a notification to the manager.

The sensitivity and range of the sensor can be set using the App. The sensor has 8 detection segments. Each segment is 0.75 meters long and the sensitivity for each can be calibrated using the App. For example segments 0-0.75 meters, 0.75-1.5 meters at sensitivity 0 and the other segments high-sensitivity. In this case the sensor will detect movement and presence from 1.5 meters to 6 meters. And the sensor will not trigger in the 1.5 meters near the detector. More examples and videos are on the website. The sensor can be deactivated/locked according to a timer set by the user, for example for Shabbat observers.

Technical Information

Power supply
100-240V | 50-60 Hz
Power consumption
Transmission frequency
433.5-434.5 Mhz
Transmission range
Up to 100M
Motion and presence sensor
Detection range
6 Meters. The App indicates distance from the sensor
Detection angle
60 Degrees
Selective segments
The sensor has 8 detection segments, each 0.75 meters long. Different sensitivity can be set for each segment independently
There are 5 levels of sensitivity. Off, low, medium, high, very high.
Background lighting
Green - no Detection. Red - Detected presence and movement. Yellow - Inactive
Hight 44mm, width 23mm, depth 30mm. 1 Gang configuration
System requirements
Central Unit version 1.4.6.(9) or higher
Compatible with a variety of decorative panels

Installation instructions

Tutorial Videos

How to connect Maximum Security Sensors Play Video
How to connect Maximum Security Sensors
How to create a Sensor (IFTTT) scenario with a sensor as input Play Video
How to create a Sensor (IFTTT) scenario with a sensor as input

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