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Smart controller for Electra central A/C star

Model number: SW-TS-ELC
Smart thermostat for controlling an Electra A/C with a star controller. The thermostat connects directly to the A/C board and after connecting allows for full control of all the A/C commands through the thermostat display. You can also control the A/C directly through the app, as well as with scenarios and timers, and voice control. It is also possible to receive notifications if the A/C is activated and many other options with the switchbee smart home.

Technical Information

Power supply
Direct from the Star board
Transmission frequency
Transmission range
Up to 100m
Control of temperature, heat/cool/fan modes, fan speed
80*80mm, 15mm depth
On the wall

Installation instructions

Tutorial Videos

Adding a thermostat Play Video
Adding a thermostat

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