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Decorative glass frame

Model number: PNL-GE

A decorative glass frame is a glass panel used as a cover for a variety of SwitchBee smart modules.
A smart switch consists of one or more smart modules combined with a cover frame.
The decorative frame is made of strong and durable tempered glass. The glass is scratch resistant and easy to clean. The glass is of high quality and very slick which gives the frame a luxurious look.
The decorative frame comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The most popular colors are white and black.
The frame contains windows through which the background light from the smart switch passes.
The color and brightness of light can be set through the app.
The frame connects to the wall using Gewiss standard adapters. This fits the standard sized box that is used in Israel.

Technical Information

Design Type
WH-white, BK Black (other colors by special order)
Number of Gangs
Base material
Tempered glass, sleek finish
V10 standard
Wall adaptors
Using a standard Gewiss adapter
Compatible with a variety of SwitchBee models

Installation instructions

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