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Home Planning

Needed a concise introductory paragraph on the subject of “smart home design”
When making a decision to covert one’s home into a smart one it is important to take into consideration a number of variables like budget, size of the home, number of switches you want to convert into smart ones, which products will participate in the home systems and more. To make the best and correct decision it is advisable to consult with professionals who specialize in the field and can identify exactly the needs of each customer in his home.

The process of converting a home into a smart home to smart home

The transformation into a smart home consists of several stages:

1. Consultation:

Your first step is to contact us and find out what packages are available according to individual needs of each customer. How many switches are involved?  Which electrical products are to be replaced, and more.  During a talk with a professional representative, we provide all the required information necessary for the custom to make the best and most affordable choice. After deciding and purchasing the goods, we coordinate together an installation date suitable and convenient to the customer.

2. Installation:

On installation day professional installers will arrive on behalf of the company with a large package containing all the products and switches ordered by the customer according to the design by design and     points in the house. During installation (lasts about an hour and a half to two hours for a standard house) the electrician will install the switches ordered by the customer, will assist in the app installing process   and switches attachments and ensure that all devices are working properly.

3. Finishing:

At the end of the process customers stay in their smart home enjoying a more comfortable life and better quality.

Want to be smart?