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Wirelessly Brilliant.

Our patented technology.

Instantly make your home a smart home. SwitchBee removes the need for batteries or neutral wire for a seamless fit with any type of light switch or housing. Install simply and avoid unwanted rewiring.

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Smart Functionality

See a smarter home in action

Imagine how your home comes alive at the touch of a button. Whether it’s your main lighting, shutters or blinds, sockets or dimmers. In fact SwitchBee lets you control any existing devices and appliances that you have now or that you might buy in the future. See how you can personalize your own home and explore the icons above.

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Homepage Clear vision

Clear vision

At the heart of smart living

Here at SwitchBee our clear vision puts you at the heart of smarter living. We want to change the world by creating a fully flexible, intuitive and affordable smart home solution. In our vision of the future, people will take complete control of their homes - lighting and appliances - with a single touch of their Smartphone and wearable devices

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convert your home into a smart home in less than 90 minutes.

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Intuitively create unlimited lifestyle settings for complete control.

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Compatible with any type of light fitting. Add more devices whenever you decide.

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